Reports of my Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated

Wow, it has been a while. To any of the regulars here, all 3 of you, I greatly apologize for my absence. Life got pretty hectic and I didn’t really have a stable schedule. I still do not honestly but eh, trying to get things going back on here since the page has kind of been dead. I am here at least for the moment and trying to get back into the process of writing articles and other things that may actually be of interest. So let me give a quick summary of occurrences as of late and general news of things I have been up to in the world of media.

Gaming: So a lot has happened here since my… I guess you could say “sabbatical?” Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, Transformers Devastation, Witcher 3 DLC, Rainbow Six Siege, Just Cause 3, the list goes on. I will go into reviews for some of these later but general opinions for start:


Fallout 4 is good if you don’t want the complexities of the older Fallout games but still want to play in the world after a nuclear apocalypse.


Metal Gear Solid feels a little on the light side. It’s a good game mind you but before even knowing there was supposed to be another entire chapter it felt a little uneven.


Rainbow Six Siege is Rainbow Six. I know that seems a little off to say but I will go in depth with this at another time. But blowing out walls feels good. Really, really, really good and it is best to blow out those walls with friends.



Halo 5 is a natural extension of the series. It hits many of the right notes but the story, what Halo is really known for, is far too predictable and while it is a way to push the narrative along, the feeling overall is meh. But multiplayer is fun and Warzone is the best thing added in a long time to change up the formula.


Rise of the Tomb Raider is, much like Halo, a natural extension of the franchise. It is quite enjoyable and avoids many of the “woe is me, I’m a victim of circumstance” feeling that the first game played on quite hard. The puzzles are pretty fun and the story is okay. There was a face/heel turn that I called five minutes into the cutscene that the character appeared.


Rock Band 4 is a bit of a disappointment mostly as it is about a month and so after launch and it still doesn’t work quite well. The effort put in just doesn’t feel as complete of a package as RB3 or RB2. It is quite easy to tell that the game does not have the backing that the previous games did but as a medium to play previous songs, it does its job, just not very well at times.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate surprised me greatly. After the disappointment that was Unity, Ubisoft went back to the drawing board and managed to deliver a game that not only works, but works well and is fun. The dynamic between the brother/sister dual protagonists aids the feeling of creating better and more three-dimensional characters. Most of the complaints I had with the older games were fixed but maintains some of the other issues.

That’s a short list of some of the games on the horizon for me to do full spreads on and the list doesn’t end there. Now on to another subject that I have spent a fair amount of time on, music and movies. Now I am not as well versed in reviewing this material as others but the internet is a place of opinions soooooo…


Ex Machina is a brilliant film that managed to do something that I haven’t ran into in quite some time: creating a suspenseful atmosphere and a film that actually made me want to keep watching.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 2 was… something. As a viewer who was never too much of fan of the books or the movies, I was impressed. The cinematography was done well and the special effects just scuffed the line of ridiculous and believable. For fans, I imagine it was a satisfying film and to those that did not keep up with it, read a wiki first. There are a few references to past events (as there should be) that keeps the continuality consistent. Overall, a solid film.

Aladdin and Atlantis the Lost Empire… What? You thought I hated all Disney movies? The remasters of these films were well done and made really, really pretty. They looked far less grainy and had a much richer color depth than the older versions and the special features actually felt like they had a place in the films rather than just being tacked on like many other Disney films have.

I have not done much in the world of music besides listening to some cuts that a friend of mine has made but one album that came out this year that I liked was The Mindsweep by Enter Shikari. It is not a majestic adventure through the landscape of an artist soul or anything like that but it is quite enjoyable and brings a level of energy that I really enjoyed listening to. In addition to that, all of the singles by HEALTH have been awesome and if you like electronic bass and drum then you can’t really go wrong with them.


And that’s game for right now. I am going to start on full reviews of games soon so stay tuned and thanks for sticking through the wait.


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