Nintendo, the 3DS, and why I’m not Amused.

So Nintendo direct just happened and with it came the reveal of the “new” 3DS XL. As awesome as this sounds and I was actually waiting for this announcement I am extremely disappointed in the North American (NA) version of the system. I made a smaller post about this but I have a chance to elaborate a little more here considering this is a blog rather than just a social media posting.

Nintendo of America (NOA), with all of the momentum behind their last great decisions, showed the gaming public the revamped version of the 3DS. Many “Oooos” and “Ahhhs” were had but many observers did not see the problems with this newer system. I know that the Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter special editions look pretty nice and are pretty but let us not fool ourselves here, there are problems abound with this system.

First thing’s first: WHERE IS THE REGULAR SIZED 3DS? There is legitimately no reason that this should not come to NA at the same time as the XL especially when you consider that the Eurpean (EU) version of the system, BOTH systems are going to be released at the same there? What logic was used that the people in the NA did not want choice in what system they get. Maybe some people do not like the hulk-ish size of the XL and just wanted the still slightly bigger than the original 3DS. I am not trying to trivialize the work that they coders for the systems do but it is just changing the system operating system to the NA version (more on this later) could not be but so hard so why not allow the chance for people to choose rather than having a one size fits all approach to your NA customers? Not to mention the ambassador program is not happening here either unlike Australia and the faceplates, the feature I was actually looking forward to, is not here either.

Profound sadness (Source: Kotaku)

Why is there not a charger included and why is data transfer TBA? If NOA assumes that their customers are going to keep the console that has been deemed obsolete even by their own standards (stopped production on the original models of both the 3ds and XL) then why are we expected to keep it? NOA is even offering one of the special editions only at GameStop, you know, the place that people trade in their systems to get newer systems. The place where the customer has to trade in the AC adapter along with the system for full credit. Yeah, that one. So trade old system and either buy a new charger to trade in with the old system to keep the original or buy a new charger with the new system… what? Not to mention that some of the customer base do not follow the happenings online so they will buy the system without knowing the charger is not with it. The data transfer just boggles my mind as there are Nintendo ID’s now, the customer should be able to easily transfer licenses from one to another and data as well. Oh, I forget that Nintendo is behind the curve on internet interactions with their systems.

Is it really so hard to ask for both? At least the web browsing will be better… (source: Eurogamer)

Nintendo fans have long said that Sony steals Nintendo’s ideas and however true that can be (looking at you PS Move) there are some things that Nintendo may need to take from Sony. One of the most important being region free gaming. In this case this would be a godsend as I would just purchase a 3DS with faceplates from Australia or Japan and ignore that this ever happened with the NA version but I can’t because of region locking. The decision to region lock a game should be the developer’s choice and not just the mandated by the overhead company. Sony also allows for generally the same experience for all of their consoles no matter where in the world they are. There have been some slips with this (PSP camera and how long it took to get stateside) but generally the accessories and devices did come to the US and the rest of the world and if you didn’t feel like waiting you could import whatever you were missing or wanted. The Vita, PSP, PS3, and PS4 all followed that philosophy and all things considered it worked out well. Sony does what Nintendon’t in this case.

Say what you will but Sony gets the consumer market. Just needs more games. (Source: Les Numeriques)

The most angering part about this is that people are going to gobble it up like it is the best thing ever because it is from Nintendo. Nostalgia fuels their sales and more proof of that is the special edition of theirs that is coming out. The Majora’s Mask Special Edition 3DS, while having a nice design, just shows how much Nintendo banks on their old games. Is it a great game? That’s debatable between the Legend of Zelda public but they know that money is to be made off of this games and they are cashing in. All of the collector’s edition preorders are already gone and people are now hocking them for more than double their price on Ebay as it stands. This secondary market is fueled even more by the Amiibo figures. Due to Nintendo making them in very short supply even after the figures have shown to be a success, they have created a market that they see no money from besides the primary purchase and that the secondary seller makes far more of a profit than the company selling them.

And it’s already almost gone.

I guess you could say I’m disappointed. You could easily say that but I just think the hype Nintendo is getting off of the NA version is not warranted.