New Update, Wii U Review, And HYPE

Hey everybody. It’s been a minute since I updated this blog but I’ve been doing generally a lot of stuff and working a lot (real life weeee…) so I was all over the place during the summer and was not really able to update more than I do on FB (facebook.com/GGFaquza of course) with quick status updates. That being said this post may be a little long and I apologize for that.

Gaming News

FINALLY WE ARE EXITING THE SUMMER GAMING DROUGHT! Damn man, that was a really intense one this year. No one even had a game like The Last of Us to be released to see through the summer. Most enjoyment I had was with Akiba Undead and Undressed for the PS3, that of which the PS4 version is coming out later this year. I don’t always double dip but if the load times are better then that’s almost worth the price of admission. Speaking of double dipping: is anyone else bothered and yet happy about the amount of last gen/current gen ports that are going to be happening between this year and next year? On one hand, I’m happy about it because that means I get to play some really good games with higher resolution, better graphics, and better stability one my shiny newer system. On the other hand however, that means I have to buy the game again and most of the time there is not too much more content. I will say that Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and Saints Row IV Reelected will be mine when they release.

Got me again Square Enix


I promised this one for a while and it got caught up in the torrent of other stuff I had to do but finally, FINALLY, I’m going to do a review on the Wii U. The tl;dr version is that it is a good system and is more viable since things are actually coming out for it. As for the longer version:

Okay, I finally got my hands on a Wii U. Not like they were or are exactly flying off of the shelves but I got the capital to get one. I purchased the 32 GB version because why in the hell would I only want 8 GB on my system? Yes, I am fully aware that it can be expanded with external memory but I do not want to have my harddrive hooked up to my Wii every minute I have the system on or at least I want to avoid that as long as possible. The system itself looks nice and the black finish that is on mine looks really really shiny. Be forewarned: dust and scratches will practically attract themselves to the system (mine got a minor scratch coming out of the box…) so know you will be cleaning it often if you are (and should) be into that.

Pretty little thing you are.


The tablet, yes I am calling it that for this review, was for me a little awkward at first because of the shape and size but I got used to it. I also got a Nerf armor case for it and that made it a little more comfortable. The range is kinda limited (I want to say maybe 30 feet via infrared) so don’t expect to go too far from the system while playing. The screen looks rather sharp and has almost no lag when playing a game on it. It comes with a stylus but I almost forgot it existed because it receives commands well just by using your fingers. Typical settings like screen brightness, volume, and connectivity are presented in simple fashion pretty easy to use. The TV remote feature is basic but gets the job done for switching the input and changing channels if you are watching television. The scanning process for it is simple as you choose your brand, test to see if it will turn off and on, and you are done. The battery life is okay but 3-4 solid hours you will have to recharge.

Tap Tap Tap, anyone there?

As for the system itself, it is okay. No real multimedia support besides streaming options (Amazon, Youtube, Netflix). The graphics it pushes out look nice all things considered and since 90% of the games for the system are first party they manage to hold up decently to their competition. The ability to go back and play Wii games is nice but you do have to go to a completely different screen to active the games or any old virtual system titles you may have gotten on that system. Not bad but not great. The way of syncing controllers and devices is about as simple as you would expect from Nintendo. Actually, it is simpler this time as you do not actually have to get up in order to get it to work. The original Wii games seem to look about the same on HDMI as they did on Component so not much difference there. The actual Wii U games look… okay. Look, if you are getting this system you are really looking for the exclusive Nintendo first party games with a few exceptions of exclusive third party (Wonderful 101 take my body) and just kind of ignore the Wii U version of the games if they were multiplatform. As harsh as that sounds, it is because a lot of them are inferior versions mostly due to the way they were made. Assassin’s Creed 3, for example, felt hella rushed and not really as stable as the other versions of the game (yeah, like that was the only problem with that game).

*retches* I guess I’m going have to explain my hate in a later post.

The game selection is improving by the month really. This system really made you wait for it because finally more and more interesting titles are coming out for it. I’m not going to lie, I refer to it as my “Bayonetta Machine” but it’s also going to be my Hyrule Warriors and Smash machine. We are getting to a point where the system is finally becoming the system it should have been a year and a half ago. The investment is becoming more and more worth it as Nintendo is doing more and more different things with the system to set themselves apart from the crowd. That’s what needed to happen because the Wii did its best when they did things differently from their competitors. That’s what they are going to have to continue to do to make themselves relevant in the modern gaming space as their competitors have more to work with. As long as they do that, more praises will come their way because of how different of a space it is to play.

Come to me my darling.

Overall, I say that the system is good, took a while for it to get there, but it is finally getting to a point where it is a worthwhile investment and should get even better over time. Nintendo knows that they made a game system, not a major multimedia device (does not even have DVD video support) but it doesn’t need it. The games are the main attraction and with the stable that Nintendo has built up in its years of existence, there is better care being brought to actually having a solid space to play.

You have begun to impress me. Keep it up Nintendo.


Games and Such

                YEAHHHHHHHHH FALLLLLLL! WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY AND YOUR WALLET! We are coming into the hell season of getting games quickly and I have a number of them that I am going into full tilt.

Yep, I’m using this image.

Far Cry 4: Yes, all day. Troy Baker being Pagen Min be damned, I’m looking forward to this one considering how amazing and fun Far Cry 3 was.

Soon you will be mine.

Destiny: Shooting with friends? Fun. Shooting with friends in a borderlands baby rooted in deeper Sci-Fi? You have my attention. Making good mechanics and a story that has you involved and a space shooter? SOLD.

NO ONE EXPECTS THIS JOKE! No, everyone expects that joke.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Yessssss, even though I didn’t go all out and get the Inquisitor’s edition (RIP $170) I’m still looking forward to this. The online Mass Effect 3 like mode looks really cool too.

Damn you EU for getting this before US for no reason.

Hyrule Warriors: I like the Warriors games, I like Legend of Zelda. And it’s something else to play on my Wii so of course I’m getting it.


Persona 4 Arena Ultramax: If you know me, you don’t even have to question how much I’m salivating to get this game.

All day.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: Read above

Come hither you sexy sexy beast.

Bayonnetta 2: I’m going to try to reserve myself on this otherwise I will just disintegrate into a bunch of letter on the screen in nonsensical order. Simply put, this is why I own my Wii U.

I’m really going to try this time.

Smash for 3DS: A hold over until Wii U Smash. I’m actually going to try and get decent at this one people.

I love custom game case art for these games.

WWE 2K15: Yes I’m a wrestling fan, a child of the Attitude and Extreme era. The new My Wrestler mode and the new graphics engine make me ready for this, and the season pass, to get here.

You’re wallet is already dead. Wrap it up Faquza.

Welp, that’s it for right now. I’m going to try and be a little more consistent with my posts but I can’t really say how often I will be on a consistent basis. A little bit more personality showed this time but hey, I’m kinda excited about the things happening.  


3 thoughts on “New Update, Wii U Review, And HYPE

  1. Yeah. We tested our wii u, we can make it halfway down our hallway. So like 10 feet. Also yes, super excited for far cry and hyrule warriors. And hey. I hear they are having a really cool midnight release for Destiny in roanoke rapids.

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