Destiny Beta!


I’ll admit, when Destiny was first announced, I wasn’t 100% on board. I had a major case of “been there, done that”. And people were saying how it was like Halo and Borderlands, to which I scoffed.





I hate always being wrong.

Ok, so skepticism aside, this game did have a lot going for it from the start. Bungie as developer and Activision publishing. With MMO elements, three classes and three races to choose from, and voice acting from Peter Dinklage.

That last part may not matter to some people but the idea of a little Tyrion bot following me around is amazing.

20140724_011200I pre-ordered Destiny just because. I was reserving Pokemon with some trade ins, had a few bucks lefts over, threw it on Destiny since we needed more reserves. And as a bonus I got the beta code.

I won’t even get into the…

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