GTA Online Update, Xbone Price Drop, and Other Things

     Hey guys, the GTA online “High Life” update is live for both PS3 and 360 and finally, FINALLY allows for multiple properties. Yay holding 20 cars. The new vehicles aren’t very appealing to me and we are still waiting for heists but this is something at least.

     The Xbox One is seeing the release of a cheaper, non Kinect model and a whole bunch of policy changes for their online infrastructure. The $399 Xbox sans Kinect is looking like a more friendly to the pocket option and should boost sales when released.

     In random other news, I’ve started back playing my PS2 since I have access to Euro games that I had not before. The game 10,000 Bullets has held my attention for a bit and the writing is kinda silly to boot. Also, I learned how well the PS4 app, Vita, and PS4 work together. The phone app works with little lag and can turn on your PS4. Nifty. And remote play is all I could have dreamed of.

     Okay, that’s it for right now, if you have any suggestions for games to stream or for me to record and post leave ’em below. Stay salty guys.
(And I know visually, the blog is kinda bland, I mostly post from my phone.)


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