Faquza and the Tournament

     Okay, so this will probably be a short one due to being on mobile and it’s pretty late here. I love fighting games. Simply put I play them often, I learn mechanics of them, and enjoy the competition.
    I played in a small tournament yesterday and, unsurprisingly, I lost. The game was Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I main King, an upper lower tier character by the tier charts and I have ehhhhh ability with him. I have to work in a lot areas to become better with him but anytime I play or fight in a tournament I take it as a learning opportunity.
    Fail, try, fail, try, eventually I’ll get there. I’ll get better. My problem is that I am unfocused in my fighters. I play so many that I have to remember so many systems and I don’t stick to a single one for long. I know my weakness in 2 and 3D fighters and progressively gotten better about my bad traits.

Keep working and eventually it will pay off.


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